About Us

Kelitas Kloset started out as a visionary, which  based on a idea that she got when working a job that afforded her with assisting ladies with clothing purchases! The ladies loved the pieces she put together for them so much that the store implemented her to head this new feel for the store, in which she would literally shop the racks and new pieces that were coming into the store based on each individuals specific need and likes. 
She finally launched  her business in August 2017 in which she has put together timeless yet affordable pieces that are stunning, appealing & affordable for ladies and families around the world! She believes  in her brand and its what she wears year round! Kelitas Kloset is a brand that focuses on providing affordable luxury to each enthusiast.
I encourage everyone to be yourself and do what makes you happy in this life and shopping is on my list of things to do ALWAYS! 
Thanks for your interest in our boutique and as always thanks for shopping, The Kelitas Way! God Bless & Stay Safe!!